Let’s Earsip with Dr. Clarke – Part 4

Exciting Features in Hearing Aid Technology Advances in technology continuously improve each year in electronic devices, and advancements in hearing aids have definitely not been left behind. Technology advancements in digital hearings aids allow hearing aids to function more wirelessly, and provide patients with more features to assist with communication in noisy environments. These improvements […]

Let’s Earsip with Dr. Clarke – Part 3

Hearing aids and it Features Exactly, what are Hearing aids? Hearing aids are electronic devices that consist of three parts that work together to provide clear, audible sound to the ear. These parts include a microphone, an amplifier, and a speaker. Fun fact: There are many styles to choose from; they can be worn in […]

Let’s Earsip with Dr. Clarke – Part 2

Hearing loss and Comorbidities Researchers have shone a light on many comorbidities and their relation to hearing loss. Let’s define comorbidities…Comorbidity is when a patient has 2 or more chronic illnesses at the same time. An illness is called chronic when it lasts for more than 3 months. Fun fact: hearing loss is a chronic […]

Let’s Earsip With Dr. Clarke – Part 1


WHO ARE AUDIOLOGISTS AND WHEN SHOULD I SEE ONE? Who are Audiologists? Audiologists are professionals who work in the healthcare field to provide patients of all ages with evidence-based care in the identification, diagnosis, and treatment of hearing, tinnitus, and balance disorders. When Should I See One? Take the time to answer these questions. Do […]

2017: The Year Of Clear Sinuses

By: Dr. James Go, MD, FACS   The New Year is here and with it comes a clean slate, a chance to do things differently in 2017. The top resolution on everybody’s list is to live a healthier lifestyle, but sometimes getting healthy requires something other than losing weight. This year, why not resolve to […]

Tips for Wearing Hearing Aids for the First Time

When you get a pair of hearing aids for the first time, you expect to hear like you did as a child. Brand new hearing aids…brand new hearing!  NO! Not so much! Why not?… I just bought new glasses and I see perfectly.   These two statements apply.   1) We usually lose our hearing […]

Hearing & Cognition

  Long-term care facilities are paying greater attention to residents’ hearing health. By Pam Chwedyk   Meeting the needs of residents with hearing loss and residents with dementia are two of the biggest challenges in long-term care, both for facility administrators and nursing staff. But those challenges have been compounded over the past 20 years […]

Those Hearing Aids Cost…How Much??

  Even in tough economic times, the cost of everything, including necessities, is on the rise. The price of today’s automobile is twice as much as my parents paid for their first house.   In the 1980’s, my wife would joke about how a pair of tiny hearing aids would cost as much as two […]

Hearing Loss: Tips for Better Communication

  When we communicate, we share ideas, feelings and information with others; usually by speaking and listening. If an individual has a hearing loss, verbal communication can be a challenge. Words or sentences may be misunderstood, and wrong messages received.   Effective communication involves active participation by both listener and speaker. The following tips can […]

An Engineering Marvel Part 2

In my last article I described the engineering processes that take place in our ears; the processes that change sound into nerve impulses. These impulses carry information to the brain. The brain translates this information into thoughts.   We give our sense of hearing most of the credit for our language based skills. Language is […]