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This simple Sinus Quiz is intended to measure your symptoms along with the frequency and duration they occur. This quiz is simply a tool and can assist with a full diagnosis. In order to facilitate a successful sinus treatment, an accurate diagnosis needs to be made first.

    Please check the box next to the symptom(s) you are experiencing:


    Facial Pressure/PainHeadache PainCongestion or Stuffy NoseThick, Yellow-Green Nasal DischargeLow Fever (99-100 degrees)Bad BreathPain In The Upper Teeth

    Frequency and Duration Assessment:
    Please put a checkmark in the box next to the statement(s) which apply to you.

    I have experienced my symptoms for 10 or more days three, four, five or more times (with a period of no symptoms) in the last 12 months.I have experienced my symptoms for 12 or more consecutive weeks.

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