The Know About The Nose

When you think about your nose, what comes to mind? Sense of smell? Breathing? Although the nose takes a leading role in both of those answers, there is so much more! Here are some simple, yet fascinating facts, everyone should know about their nose: Your nose is an air filter The nose helps filter and […]

Considering Hearing Aids? Get The Facts

Hearing Aids Melbourne FL

The following is brought to you by Dr. James Go, ENT – Otolaryngologist. Avoid “free hearing tests”. Most free tests are simple air-conduction tests and do not provide enough information to program today’s instruments properly. Also, medical conditions may be overlooked so it is important that you consult your Audiologist for a hearing evaluation. Dr. […]

Under Pressure? Sinus pressure, that is!

What are sinuses exactly? Glad you asked! Your sinuses consist of hollow cavities within your skull, and most of the sinus cavities are less than an inch wide. In your cheekbones are the maxillary sinuses while the frontal sinuses are the in the center of the forehead. Between the eyes are your ethmoid sinuses. The […]

To Sleep Or Not To Sleep (Apnea)

It’s a frightening thought that a person may unknowingly stop breathing hundreds of times and, yet, be completely unaware of the condition. Enter sleep apnea: a serious disorder that ironically occurs during the time when the body should be resting and recuperating. Sleep apnea prevents those processes from actually taking place. Your Melbourne ENT (ear, […]

Audiology: At A Loss For Words

Many people are not aware that hearing loss affects approximately 20% of Americans and that many of those people do not have that loss evaluated properly. Your Melbourne, FL ENT doctor is qualified to assist those with hearing problems. Well, the audiologist is in. Audiology is not simply the study of hearing, balance and related disorders. […]

What Is A Balloon Catheter?

Using a balloon catheter to open up blocked arteries in the heart to help blood flow to the heart is a very common medical procedure. This technology has been brought to the nose and sinuses. A small deflated balloon is placed in the ventilation hole of the affected sinus. The balloon is then inflated to […]