Tips for Better Communicating

When we communicate, we share ideas, feelings and information with others. This is usually done by speaking and listening. If someone you know has a hearing loss, verbal communication can be a challenge. Words or sentences may be misunderstood during the conversation, and wrong messages could be received. Effective communication involves active participation by both […]

Seeking Out Proper Aids

A few weeks ago, we discussed the study of hearing, audiology, and the importance of hearing health. We talked about being cognizant of some of the symptoms of auditory problems and what to look for – both in yourself and in others. This week’s blog will discuss solutions for hearing loss, primarily the types of […]

To Sleep Or Not To Sleep (Apnea)

It’s a frightening thought that a person may unknowingly stop breathing hundreds of times and, yet, be completely unaware of the condition. Enter sleep apnea: a serious disorder that ironically occurs during the time when the body should be resting and recuperating. Sleep apnea prevents those processes from actually taking place. Your Melbourne ENT (ear, […]

What Is A Balloon Catheter?

Using a balloon catheter to open up blocked arteries in the heart to help blood flow to the heart is a very common medical procedure. This technology has been brought to the nose and sinuses. A small deflated balloon is placed in the ventilation hole of the affected sinus. The balloon is then inflated to […]