Cochlear Implants: The Miracle Device

First things first, let’s discuss the difference between hearing aids and cochlear implants (and yes there is a difference!) and how cochlear implants work. Patients with mild or moderate hearing loss can greatly improve their hearing with a hearing aid. However, hearing aids may not benefit all patients that experience hearing loss. Some people have […]

Seeking Out Proper Aids

A few weeks ago, we discussed the study of hearing, audiology, and the importance of hearing health. We talked about being cognizant of some of the symptoms of auditory problems and what to look for – both in yourself and in others. This week’s blog will discuss solutions for hearing loss, primarily the types of […]

Audiology: At A Loss For Words

Many people are not aware that hearing loss affects approximately 20% of Americans and that many of those people do not have that loss evaluated properly. Your Melbourne, FL ENT doctor is qualified to assist those with hearing problems. Well, the audiologist is in. Audiology is not simply the study of hearing, balance and related disorders. […]